About BlacksburgFootballRentals

BlacksburgFootballRentals.com aims to provide Virginia Tech football fans with high quality, affordable housing during home football weekends.  In smaller towns with prominent football teams, there is considerable shortage of affordable lodging for football weekends.  Hotels in Blacksburg often triple or quadruple their normal nightly rates and typically require 3 night minimum stays for Virginia Tech football home games, and other event weekends.  

We at BlacksburgFootballRentals.com knew there had to be a better way to experience a great football weekend with your family and friends.  So, we visited dozens of homeowners in the Blacksburg area with homes that were well suited for weekend stays during Football weekends and encouraged them to list their home on our website to be rented by fans.

The operators of Blacksburg Football Rentals have a proven track record of success when it comes to football weekend rentals. The site is a spin-off of www.RentLikeAChampion.com, a website which has been specializing in football weekend rentals for Notre Dame football weekends since 2006. Together, Rent Like A Champion and Blacksburg Football Rentals has processed over 750 rentals resulting in excess of $1,000,000 of profits for local homeowners and a better weekend experience for families and friends returning to campus for football games and other events.

We have many friends that are Virginia Tech fans and for years have heard their complaints about the lack of quality, affordable lodging for football games in Blacksburg.  At the urging of these fans, we created a website exclusively for Virginia Tech fans, so that they too can have a good alternative for families and groups.  House rentals are especially great for families or groups with kids that want to spend the entire weekend enjoying all the festivities and still have the convenience of a full kitchen and many bathrooms.

We invite you to contact us with any additional questions you may have at info@universityfootballrentals.com, or pick up the phone and call us toll-free at (855) BIG-GAME. Check out our parent site, www.universityfootballrentals.com.