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Why List Your Home with Blacksburg Football Rentals?

#1: Our service fees are 25% lower than our primary competitor
#2: We do not charge any listing fees
#3: We're the only online home rental marketplace dedicated to the Virginia Tech market, and we're the first place Virginia Tech fans go to find a home for gameday!

Our Quick and Easy Process

  1. Post a profile of your home on our website using our Property Management Request Form below.
  2. We meet with you in person or over the phone to answer any questions, help estimate rent for your home, and walk you through our process before your house goes live on our website.
  3. Thousands of Virginia Tech football fans looking for lodging options visit our site and review your home's unique web profile, which you can control and adjust.
  4. A lucky football fan will book your home for a a gameday weekend through our easy, automated online booking process. You will be automatically notified that of the booking.
  5. When gameday weekend arrives, you will leave the keys in a lockbox on the main door. Go somewhere fun for the weekend - you've earned it! Rental proceeds are mailed to you in the form of a bank check following the rental conclusion.

So let's get started!

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